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Criterium Cycles - Cycle to Work


Cycle to Work is a Government scheme that provides a tax efficient method for your employer to help you to get a bike and associated safety equipment. The scheme is what is a called a salary sacrifice scheme (we explain more below) and it was designed to enable employees to lease a bike and equipment from their employer in order to cycle to work. Your employer buys the bike, leases it to you and then deducts the costs from your gross salary. However, because the deductions are from your gross salary it means that you pay less tax and National Insurance because you only pay tax and NI on your salary after the cost of the bike has been deducted first. The amount you save will depend upon your salary; savings can be up to 42% for higher rate taxpayers.

Which schemes do Criterium Cycles support?

There are quite a few providers of Cycle to Work schemes and we support some of the most popular which are:

. .

The process in summary

In order to use the Cycle to Work scheme through Criterium Cycles, just follow the easy to use process set out below.

1. Find out from your employer which scheme they participate in. If it’s, Green Commute Initiative, VIVUP, Bike2Work or Cycle2work, we’re in business!

2. Choose your bike and any additional accessories (Please note - total value of bike and accessories can't exceed your employer's scheme limit).

3. We will then provide you with a full quotation cover all the items you have selected.

4. Apply for your voucher. (please note that this process is different for Vivup, Bike2Work and Cycle2Work as they don't use vouchers - speak with your employer who will provide further detail)

5. Send your voucher to

6. We will then build and prepare your bike & accessories.

7. When everything is ready we will contact you to arrange for you to come and collect your bike.

8. You get to enjoy your lovely new bike!

Use the simple calculator to see how much money you can save by using Cycle to Work.

What is salary sacrifice?

This is a tax term that means you "sacrifice" or "give up" part of your annual salary in exchange for a benefit. The benefit in this case is being able to hire from your employer both a bicycle any related safety equipment and accessories you will need to cycle to work. The benefit is especially good because it means you are saving the tax and NI on that part of your salary that you sacrificed and the Government does not treat the resulting benefit as a 'benefit in kind'.

What bike & equipment can I get?

There is no restriction on the kind of bike you can get other than the value limit of your voucher which may vary employer to employer. Until fairly recently, there was a limit of £1,000 but that has now been removed by HMRC. Some employers may still use the £1,000 limit but it is no longer an HMRC cap. This is especially helpful if you are interested in an electric bike, the perfect solution for those looking to commute more on their bike.

You can also use your certificate for clothing, accessories & tools that are designed to make your journey safer and / or more secure. These might be commuter clothing, shoes & helmets as well as vital accessories for your bike such as mudguards, lights, reflectors and panniers. It is also worth considering other accessories such as tools & pumps, locks for security and commuting backpacks, ll of which make your journey safer, more efficient and improve the longevity of your lovely new bike.

Am I limited to using the bike solely for cycling to work?

No, but the Government scheme rules stipulate that you must use it at least 50% of the time to cycle to work. However, that still leaves plenty of time for riding the bike for pleasure!

Do I own the bike?

Not in the legal sense though you are responsible for looking after it. The bike and equipment are technically owned by your employer during the hire period.

So what happens at the end of the hire period?

In order the Cycle to Work scheme to remain a tax efficient salary sacrifice scheme, there can be no guarantees that your employer will sell or transfer ownership of the bike to you at any point. HMRC have however set guidelines that enable the calculation of the bike's "fair market value" at the end of the hire period. For bikes under £500 this is currently 18% of the original price and for bikes over £500, 25% of the original price

At the end of the hire period you have 3 options:

Return the Bike & Equipment to your employer.
Continue to hire the bike from your company for a further period of up to 36 months.
In most instances your employer will not charge for this.
Buy the Bike from your employer at the "fair market value"

The policy may vary by employer so you should ask your employer whether they have any policies in place relating to what happens at the end of the hire period though it appears that most seem to adopt Option 2. However, you do need to check if you want to be sure.

Will I need a quotation?

Some employers do require a quotation prior to issuing your voucher. If that is the case, just call us or email us at and we will be pleased to provide one. Please note that whilst this provides the information your employer or scheme provider may require, it does not reserve your bike.

Can I redeem my certificate online?

Unfortunately, there is no system for redeeming certificates online.

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